Design & Development

Design is communication

Innovative machines are often only recognized as such when combined with an innovative enclosure. It is the design that makes the first impression and convinces customers of the machine’s qualities. Most industrial machines and apparatus are still only designed for functionality.
However times are changing. Forced with increased pressure from the competition, machines can no longer rely on their specifications alone to generate sales. Communicating other values such as hygiene, reliability, accuracy or speed has become more important and can be successfully achieved with good design.

Design for industry

As a design and engineering agency we have specialized ourselves in the development of industrial enclosures. At IDkon, functionality and attractive designs go hand in hand. We pride ourselves in our ability to realize attractive designs that are also practical to manufacture, assemble and use.

·         Design has become an important selling point

·         Design strengthens your corporate identity and brand recognition

·         Design motivates the users of your products

We can help you take the next step. Our design workshops start with getting to know your company and your product. This allows us to create tailor made enclosures that suit both your market as well as your company’s needs.

The result:
An convincing attractive and production-ready design.


Our Motto is: “A good design promises quality”
At the start of a project the technical opportunities and functionality are identified. After this step the design is adjusted to meet the design guidelines of your company or of those of your customer.

Your machines become the representatives of your company.

The result:
An intelligent construction that is tailor made for a trouble-free production. But also meets user and aesthetical requirements.