Your partners for enclosures

As a total solution provider, we understand the importance of supporting our customers through each step of the development process. Our customers benefit from our ability to carry out most work in-house or have it outsourced to one of our dedicated partners. This relieves our customers from having to manage each individual stage of the development. The benefits to our customers are shorter lead-times and reduced costs.


From the engineering we can offer a seamless transition into prototyping. With our team of highly qualified personnel, we are capable of creating high-end prototypes that find uses as trade show demonstrators, test equipment or even as low volume series products.

With our state-of-the-art laser machines and brake presses, we can shape anything from simple enclosures to high-end designs. With our own powder coating facility we can offer customers a wide range of wear resistant coating and finishes.

The result:

Production ready prototypes